The SENTITrade Widgets visualize trend indicators, sentiment charts and tagclouds. They provide market participants with an overview of current trend phases and market-moving topics of the financial market based on the SENTITrade sentiment-analysis.



Clear time gain for the investment decision by means of the analysis of editorial news.


Early warning system based on YUKKA Lab‘s sentiment-trend indicator.


Precise and clear signals for action based on indications of Hausse, Baisse and warning trends.

Sentiment Trendcharts

  • Presentation of sentiment charts in comparison to the benchmark of selected major indices
  • Trends are highlighted with colours for different market cycles, such as hausse and baisse. Trends are also available for different time frames

TagCloud and DataGraphs

  • Presentation of market-moving topics connected to companies and events
  • Visualization of market-moving topics in state of the art 3D datagraphs

Market Opinion

  • Availability in different regions/indices or industries/sectors
  • Selection of different sources like analysts' recommmendations, professional feeds or news content

Signal Changes

  • Alert via Cockpit and email if there are trend changes

our widgets

The SENTITrade Widgets are available as sentiment trend indicators, sentiment charts, top-flop heatmaps, market event- tag clouds and market datagraphs.