SentiLab was developed to provide asset managers and financial advisors with an information advantage and a minimum time expenditure for the analysis and the evaluation of financial market information. Our software analyzes real time financial and business news and provides research support for investments.


What is in the news - making it possible to identify significant trend changes as well as trading volumes in advance, the SENTILab Newsflow Analyzer provides an unmatched information advantage. YUKKA Lab‘s Newsflow Analyzer processes the rising flood of data in the financial markets and filters the most important information for the stock market.


The SENTILab News Dashboard offers users a total overview of the newsflow on the market


Tag cloud summarizing context based market-moving topics for companies and events


Professional feeds of the largest news agencies (exclusive partnerships with awp, dpa-AFX)

Market Dashboard

  • Overview of sentiment scores in single markets, various regions and indices, as well as industries and sectors
  • Newsflow visible in tag clouds and newstickers

Stock Dashboard

  • Sentiment scores for single stocks and their market enviroment in indices and sectors
  • News and social media buzz to predict high and low trading volumes


  • Newsticker including professional newsfeeds
  • Tag cloud visualizing the interconnection between various topics that are attached to trending news


  • Tag Cloud visualization in a reactive zoomable datagraph
  • Possibility to compile new datagraphs by filtering according to specific companies or events

SENTILab Trend

SENTILab Trend is an application for professional and institutional capital market participants. It generates sentiment scores by means of semantic algorithms. Mathematical financial models complement our sentiment-analyses. As a result, we are proud to present the first sentiment- based early warning system for trends in European equity markets


Early warning system for draw downs to secure profits and minimize losses


Dynamic management processes for tactical asset allocation decisions


Precise market assessment for a stable risk/return profile


  • General market sentiment based on the sectormodel in comparison to the major benchmarks
  • Current investment rate including history back to 2005

Sector Signals

  • Overview and ranking of sectors signals of ICB or GIC standard
  • Visualization of industries or sectors as well as entry and exit signals in performance charts

Charting Tool

  • Visualization of news sentiments in graphs including comparisons to benchmarks
  • Variety of regions, industries, newsfeeds, economic indicators and analysts‘ opinions

SENTILab Overlay

YUKKA‘s Overlay is designed for investment funds focused on medium and large share exposures. The overlay management serves as the dynamic control of an investment structure in e.g. umbrella funds and mixed funds. The innovative and dynamic portfolio management process of the sentiment technology aims for a long-term increase in value, while having smaller drawdowns than the benchmark


The rational and emotionless sentiment technology complements the stock research and the management process in modern portfolio management.

Proof of Concept: Backtests of financial models back to 2005. Consistently significantly lower risk figures: lower volatility, smaller maximum drawdown and higher sharpe ratio.


  • Creation of a individual overlay for own stock portfolios based on the sector model
  • Overview of the tactical allocation of the single sectors with sector signals
  • Historical scorecard about volatility, draw down, sharpe ratio and performance

Best Practice

  • The SENTILab Overlay Strategy Stocks Europe is used to manage the first European equity fund (Sentiment SICAV – Europe 600)
  • The fund invests based on news analysis only
  • To get in touch with the portfolio manager of the fund or the fund administration, please contact us

Benchmark comparison

Maximun Drawdown

Sharpe Ratio